ios 10 apple maps parkOne of the changes Apple is making in iOS 10 is to Apple Maps. The app was launched with a lot of controversy as it was chock full of errors and mistakes that forced Apple’s CEO to release an apology note where he also went ahead to recommend alternatives until Apple could get the app fixed and improved.

That being said, Apple Maps in iOS 10 is expected to be an improvement over previous versions, and as noted by 9to5Mac, it seems that parking reminders is one of the new features of the app. According to the report, the app is able to proactively remember where you’ve parked your car, meaning that there is no action required from the user.

The feature will also allow users to get directions back to their car, make changes to the location if it was inaccurate, or add more information, like maybe mention the car parked next to you or some kind of landmark to make it more recognizable. For anyone who has had to take a photo of where they’ve parked, that practice could soon be a thing of the past.

It should also be noted that you might require CarPlay or some kind of auto Bluetooth system for this feature to work, as it will need to be able to detect when you have entered or exited your car to recognize that you have stopped and parked the car. Given that iOS 10 is still in the early beta stages, note that all of this is subject to change upon its release this fall.

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