Sony 3G Walkman Phone - As Reel As It Gets

Whether it is called W850i, S800i or S850i, thethird swivel cellphone from Sony Ericsson is going to take thewireless world by storm. Why? It is one of the best-looking 3G cellphone ever (the front video cam screams video-calls,therefore 3G) with itswhite shell, it has Walkman capability (supposedly with very good MP3 player software), and it has a nice 2-megapixel CCD camera. You are getting the best of ‘three worlds’.

[Via Clubsonyericsson]

The display resolution is 320×240 so, you will seefairly sharpimages, not to mention more estate for web pages or video. As for music transfer, Sony will bundle a copy of Disc2Phone, or you can just drag and drop MP3s into the Memory Stick drive icon via USB 2.0. Legal music download over the air will depend on whether or not carriers will embrace Sony’s ATRAC3plus.

We wish to see H.264 (AVC) decoding, a built-in gigabyte storage, interchangeable plate, and a lens cover. It costs nothing to ask, anyways…

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