Philips SDIO TV1000/TV1100 DVB-H Tuner Card

Philips is offering a mobile TV solution for DVB-H markets worldwide with the SDIO TV1000/TV1100 card that will fit snugly into any SDIO slot save for the top section of the extendable antenna jutting out. The 24mm x 39mm x 2.1mm card packs in a TV tuner, a programmable channel decoder/demodulator, and a software source decoder & driver software that is compatible with devices running on Windows Mobile 5.0 and Linux. The inclusion of excellent Doppler performance at 120Hz guarantees an a stable reception no matter where you are. Check out the key features after the jump.


• Complete hardware/software solution
• DVB-H reception compliant with EN 300 744, EN 300 468, EN 301192, EN 300 and MBRAI 04-102 IEC 62002-1
• Guaranteed tuning range
• SDIO TV1000: 470 to 750 MHz
• SDIO TV1100: 1670 to 1675 MHz
• Efficient, low-power operation
• Stable reception in moving environment
• Advanced filtering
• Up to 14 elementary streams for PID filtering
• Up to 8 IP streams for IP filtering
• Simultaneous support for IPv4 and IPv6 IP datagram filtering

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