Miele CVA615 Coffee System

There is nothing quite like a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee to kickstart your mornings. The Miele CVA615 Coffee System is the perfect addition to any household that places coffee on the list of essential items like air, shelter, and water. This in-wall unit does the whole works, from grinding the beans to frothing milk. Features include fully-automated controls that allows you to press a button and sit back while a cup is being prepared and brewed according to your preferences. There is no price attached to the Miele CVA615 Coffee System at the moment, but it should cost quite a fair bit. More features after the jump. • Whole coffee bean system
• Door hinged left / concealed handle
• Patented brewing unit
• Steel coffee grinding
• 500g coffee bean container
• Grinds from 6g to 9g of coffee beans per cup
• Grinder settings are adjustable (coarse to fine)
• Pre-grinding system (on/off)
• Pre-brew system (on/off)
• Large-capacity container for used coffee grounds
• 2.64 quart (2.5 liter) water reservoir
• Water volume dispensed is adjustable, per cup size
• Variable water temperature control
• Water hardness setting
• Three programmable cup sizes
• Integrated fluorescent light
• Two dispensing spouts
• Hot water spout
• Frothing arm
• Safety lock
• Multi-lingual LCD display, 7 languages
• Stand-by function with delay start
• Froths or steams milk for cappuccino or latte with its steam wand
• Dispenses and grinds beans to perfection
• Displays instructions for ease-of-use
• Dispenses hot water for tea or hot chocolate through a separate spout
• Allows precise control of your coffee’s flavor intensity and temperature
• Allows for flexible entertaining
• Automatically prompts you to add fresh water and coffee beans
• Uses a conical grinder
• Deactivates system with System Lock to prevent unintended start-up
• Easy cleaning


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