VDO Dayton MS5700

The VDO Dayton MS5700 is a navigation system that is located on your rear view mirror. It boasts a 4″ screen at the left hand side that directs you to your destination without allowing your eyes to be taken off the road. You can’t fit the MS5700 into any existing rear view mirrors as it works only with the MM2100 mirror that comes with special embedded electronics that are connected to the navigation system’s computer. Maps are displayed in a 4:3 ratio and it comes with an integrated speaker as well as an infrared eye that can be controlled via a remote control. Information containing all of Europe’s roads is stored on a 8.5GB DVD. Read on after the jump for a list of exhaustive features. • Pictogram- and Voice Guidance
• Route Criterias
• 9 Languages with 21 Voices
• Dynamic Navigation
• Calculation Alternative Route (automatic, manual)
• Traffic Information (with integrated TMC Receiver)
• 2D/3D Map View / Split Screen
• Colourful Map Presentation with adjustable Scale
• 6 Colour Settings with day / night Switch
• Address Book for min. 200 Entries
• Last Destinations: 20
• Via Points: 25
• Trip Computer
• Speed Dependent Volume Control (SDVC)
• Demo Mode
• Blocking of disc eject possible

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