Erector Spyke stands out from crowd

Spyke stands tall amongst its robotic brethren, and drives home the point that performance is more important than size. This unique robot is controlled from a computer via a local WiFi connection or through the Internet. It features some interesting functions such as: –


• Video Camera
• Microphone
• Loudspeaker
• VoIP capability
• Digital Music Player

Spyke remains a prototype and won’t see a release until the end of June as there are still some bugs to be ironed out. It will retail for approximately $270 (250 Euros) when launched. The American company Erector, is currently looking for distributors. For more details, head on after the jump.Spyke doubles up as a watchdog for your home, enabling you to view what is going around in your absence. Of course, it does lack the speed and mobility of advanced robots as it cannot traverse stairs and uneven terrain, limiting its use to the living room or bedroom only. Its built-in camera can also send you e-mails of snapshots whenever it detects a motion, and works great as a VoIP phone (compatible with MSN, Skype, Google Talk) when you want to hold a conversation with your loved and closed ones from a different continent.

Spyke failed to perform in returning to its recharging dock automatically as it is currently just a prototype, but we can safely assume that Erector weeds out any bugs to increase the potency of such a toy when it hits the market.

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