Freespace enters Wiimote territory

CES 2007 – Hillcrest Laboratories have lifted the veil on the Freespace device that enables you to interact with a wide range of devices from PCs to DVRs and media adapters. All you need to do is wave it around to move the cursor on the screen ala Wiimote and you’re all set. An additional two buttons provide an even wider range of navigational options. Of course, each device that you want to use the Freespace with has to be customized by Hillcrest beforehand, which could result in a slightly higher cost. The Hillcrest representative mentioned that the Freespace will retail anywhere between $200 to a grand, depending on the amount of customization. Do you think that this would be a worthwhile investment, or is it a novelty? Whatever the outcome, the Freespace looked sweet enough to pick up the 2006 International CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award.

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