Lightsabers get an update

Fans of Star Wars might declare the above as a travesty, but there is nothing quite like letting the imagination run wild, is there? Being a weapon that only Force-adept lifeforms can wield with deadly accuracy and precision, the Lightsaber above from 0wned Incorporated is constructed via traditional methods coupled with some modern updates to keep the Jedi Knight entertained on those long intergalactic cruises. Underneath the cold metal exterior lies intricate electronics wired amidst the finest crystals mined from Planet Ilum. Features include an integrated MP3 player and 8GB of internal memory – more than enough space to satisfy your audio cravings while making the Kessel Run.


There is an LCD along the handle of the lightsaber to provide you with basic information concerning the current playing song, while navigation is performed via turning the base of the hilt. The controls will take some getting used, but those who are strong in the Force will definitely find no problems with it.

There is even a 25W R.M.S. speaker located at the hilt, pumping out your favorite intergalactic tunes for all and sundry to enjoy. Of course, if you don’t want to disturb the rest of the general populace with the latest renditions from Cantina, just hook up a pair of Bluetooth earphones and you’re good to go, thanks to the Bluetooth 2.0 A2DP connection.

As you can see, there are a couple of USB 2.0 ports which can be used to transfer data. This feature comes in extremely handy especially when you want to update your droid with the latest BIOS version. The 8GB of memory might not be filled with music, so you can use it as a portable storage drive whenever possible. This special lightsaber is compatible with computers running on Windu XP/Vista operating systems, so make sure you have a legitimate copy of either operating system from the nearest Jedi outpost. Kaminoan copies are known to cause unexplained crashes on computers running it.

0wned Inc have ensured that manufacturing standards of the highest degree were followed in producing these highly recommended masterpieces.Each lightsaber will set you back by approximately 10,000 Republic credits. Trade-ins are strictly not allowed. Buy or buy not, there is no try.

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