Mark-My-Time bookmark

Take a good look around the next time you head out of the house – chances are kids these days won’t be holding a book whenever they’re outdoors or on a bus, as they would rather slug it out with each other over a handheld console or listen to an MP3 player instead of thumbing through the latest bestseller from a nearby bookshop. Book lovers know how important it is to own a bookmark when one’s reading is constantly interrupted, but the Mark-My-Time bookmark definitely go a length to pique the interest of kids in the reading habit. At the end of each thin polyethylene plastic strip lies a battery-powered digital clock that doubles up as a countdown timer. This countdown timer could be set by parents to determine the number of hours their kid spends reading each day. You can pick up neon blue, green, or purple Mark-My-Time bookmarks for $8.95 a pop.


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