Bamboo TV for earth lovers

Although I’m not too comfortable dressing up my electronics in wood, there are some manufacturers who have released TVs that are encased in real wood, giving the local termites yet another dish to consider as they mull over their next meal. This Bamboo LCD TV offers 19″ of widescreen goodness (which is pretty small by today’s standards) and comes with a pair of built-in speakers and the all important remote control for couch potatoes. In case anyone accuses you of not doing your part in keeping the earth green, you can argue that bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants (it is actually a type of grass) on the planet and can be harvested quickly without affecting the environment. In fact, when you’ve upgraded to a 50″ LCD TV, you need not fret about your $475 Bamboo TV polluting the world since the enclosure can be reused or decompose as refuse.

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