If you happen to have a some old folk in your home, chances are you have had to tell them which button on the TV remote does what more than a few times.

The Innovage Jumbo Universal Remote eliminates this problem by offering a universal remote control that boasts large soft touch buttons and enough intelligence to command a quartet of A/V devices, albeit not simultaneously.

Innovage Jumbo Universal Remote Not only are the buttons large enough for the visually impaired to see, the entire remote is also pretty sizable, making it harder to lose the remote.

At least you no longer need to purchase a magnifying glass which could end up as a source of fire in your home when left on the coffee table during the day. The Innovage Jumbo Universal Remote retails for ~$12.

Update: It looks like many people need help with the remote control, so we have gathered a few URLs that might be useful:

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