Tired? Take a Metronap

Metronaps is currently offering tiny sleep pods for rental in cities located across the world. Known as the EnergyPod, this unique rest module was created to help enhance powernapping at work, enabling workers to get short bursts of rest during a hectic workday in order to boost productivity in the long run. All you need to do is hop into the EnergyPod and it will get to work straightaway by reclining and lowering the privacy shield. You have 20 minutes to doze off where an acoustic alarm and a gentle vibration will wake you up. Each EnergyPod retails for approximately $8,000 which is pretty outrageous just to avoid a bad case of “keyboard forehead”. Females ought to be wary of the EnergyPod and not nap in them while wearing skirts lest their modesty be outraged.

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