M200G Volantor for the Jetsons

Moller International has certainly opened the world’s eyes to yet another alternative mode of transport – flying vehicles. The M200G Volantor seats two comfortably and is capable of hovering up to 10 feet across most surfaces (allowing you to skip pesky traffic jams) at a maximum speed of 50mph. It consumes mostly ethanol as the fuel of choice, but I wonder how exactly traffic laws will be modified to accomodate these. At $90,000 a pop they won’t be mainstream anytime soon though. Looks like with the M200G Volantor flying around, there will be more and more UFO stories appearing in tabloids and gossip magazines nationwide. I don’t know, will cops get one of these as well in order to nab offenders who break the speed limit with this? After all, their Fords can’t exactly fly, although they certainly can transform.

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