Staffing agency to employ robots

Robots are starting to take over the role of certain jobs in Japan, with People Staff recruiting 10 of these Wakamaru receptionist robots to work at businesses and institutions throughout the Tokai area in central Japan. Standing at just 1 meter tall, Wakamaru moves about on wheels and boasts a bright yellow shell and a rather adorable smile. He is capable of recognizing faces while carrying ot simple conversations thanks to a vocabulary of 10,000 words. Wakamaru’s specialty remains in thanking visitors for waiting while singing songs to keep people entertained. Sad to say Wakamaru earns approximately $1,000 a day for temporary gigs while long term contracts require $25,000 per annum to secure him. Strange to see a company named People Staff employ robots. You’d think to combat an ageing population requires more procreation instead of creating robots to fill the population decline.

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