10K Mailscanner for peace of mind

With the threat of terrorism looming over our heads since 2001, there is good reason to be paranoid at even a simple parcel. The 10K Mailscanner device will definitely help lower stress levels of mailroom staff or even those living at home, as this device will let out an alarm automatically the moment it detects a suspect package. The 10K Mailscanner is capable of scanning through bundles of mail and parcels up to 6cm thick quickly, detecting common mailbomb regardless of the type of explosive used. There is no need to calibrate, set up, or train staff to use this, and you don’t need to worry about being unable to celebrate Father’s Day in the future as the 10K Mailscanner emits no radiation. The only thing you need to do is dig deep as this device retails for £3,525after taxes.

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