Brian the Brain

This unique device brings a new take to the word ‘encyclopedia’ as it incorporates the concise volumes from Britannica, a dictionary, and a world history timeline into a 13.75″ x 11.75″ x 10″ ‘body’, so to speak. Featuring just a brain and two eyes enclosed in a transparent glass case, Brian the Brain responds to verbal prompts thanks to voice recognition technology. It is smart enough to ask questions such as a child’s likes and dislikes, using such responses to crack a joke or initiate a conversation. Brian has also enough gray matter to store phone numbers by hooking it up to a phone jack. Other features include word, memory, and trivia games – this is certainly more unnerving than the talking head in Brain Age. A digital clock, calendar, MP3 player jack, integrated speaker, and retractable keyboard for text communication rounds off the list of features. Brian the Brain retails for $119.95 and is powered by a trio of AAA batteries.

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