Blaupunkt Melbourne SD27 player

The Blaupunkt Melbourne SD27 player does away with CDs, which means you’ll only be able to enjoy music stored on SD and MMC memory cards. The SD27 is compatible with both MP3 and WMA formats, and will display folder names or ID3 tags on the LED display when a particular tune is being played. You also have the option to pick up an adapter for your iPod, cellphone, Bluetooth or GPS navigation device in order to listen to tunes stored on them. This $160 device also comes with a USB port for you to hook up your music-laden USB flash drive, while it does not forget devices that use the good old analog 3.5mm audio plugs. What are you to do with your CD collection in years to come? Leave them in a corner and let them suffer bit rot? Better transfer those over to the MP3 format before it happens…


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