Corega CG-IPSPDC03 for iPod Shuffle The Corega CG-IPSPDC03 from Japan is a compact active speaker system that works great even with the 2G iPod Shuffle, and boasts a wide range of colors to go down well with the Shuffle. Each CG-IPSPDC03 comes with an iPod dock connector for the Shuffle in the center, and can be powered via batteries or an available USB port. When hooked up via USB, the CG-IPSPDC03 will also charge the Shuffle’s battery simultaneously. Specifications include a 0.5W×2ch built-in amplifier and an anti magnetic driver unit that measures 25mm diameter. The entire Corega CG-IPSPDC03 active speaker system measures just 100mm × 22mm × 40mm and weighs 50g, making it the perfect pocket companion for any music lover. It retails for roughly $28.

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