Post A Phone: For When Cellular Technology Fails

Many Americans are surprised when they hear that landline phones are somewhat of a rarity in Europe since cell phones are so often used as the main telephone source. But what are supposed to do if their cellphones were to die (and when did that happen for the last time, huh)? Post A Phone can mail you an ultra-cheap and simple landline phone made of recycled cardboard, plastic, and cans. The Post A Phone is thin enough to fit through a mail slot, at only 4mm and is shipped directly to you in an A5 envelope. The Post A Phone allows for strict cellphone users to have a last resort device for communication at all times.


Well, it’s interesting, but if someone doesn’t have a landline, how good is it to plug this into the wall plug? An emergency call *might* work, but that’s about it, unless of course, users squat the plug of a neighbor who pays for a landline…

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