orbiTouch keyboard

The orbiTouch keyboard is definitely very different from the standard 101-key keyboard that you see in the office. This allows you to type without having to press even a single key, since there are none to begin with in the first place. The orbiTouch keyboard (pretty ironic name, eh?) features a couple of round “domes” which you can slide into a total of 8 positions. It will take some time getting used to it since each quadrant on the right side has five letters, numbers or symbols, with each in one of eight colors. In order to get the letter you want, you will first need to slide the dome to oneo fhte quadrants, followed by sliding the left hand side dome to the correct color segment. Sounds like a whole lot of hassle to type just a single letter to me! At $400 each, you won’t find the orbiTouch keyboard flying off shelves anytime soon.


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