GloWriter for busy folks

[CES 2008] I’m not too sure just exactly how busy one must be to purchase the GloWriter, but presumably there must be a market for it somewhere. This device can be mounted in your vehicle near your dashboard, allowing you to write down notes or ideas that pop into your mind on the spot. Unlike paper, the GloWriter’s writing surface can be illuminated at night in red or amber (depending on your preference). Each GloWriter comes with an on-board storage slot that keeps the eraser pen ready for use. You can use a couple of AAA batteries to power the GloWriter or connect it to your laptop or desktop via USB. For in-vehicle use, it is powered by the 12V to USB Power Adaptor. I guess this is yet another southpaw-unfriendly device, so folks like me will definitely rule out the GloWriter. The GloWriter is expected to be released within a couple of weeks’ time for $34.95.


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