Pennda Multi-functional Residential Gateway

[CES 2008] Now here’s an interesting device – the Pennda (a play on the word Panda, perhaps, since this product hails from China?) Multi-functional Residential Gateway. Don’t get scared by it’s name – this device is a wee bit larger than a Wii (no pun intended) and comes with a 7″ touchscreen display that does 800 x 480 resolution at 16.7 million colors. You can use it as a Skype phone (without the need for a PC), a photo frame or even as a central server for RSS feeds, e-mail and printing among others. Pennda is currently looking for distributors in the US, so there is no word on pricing or availability. Do you think such a device has a viable market?

  • Skype-functionality
  • Integrated microphone
  • Built-in WiFi modem
  • RSS-based online advertising platform
  • Photo frame functionality
  • IP PBX capability

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