Skype for the PSP Review: It Is Good!

We’re staying on top of this hot PSP topic: now that Skype has landed on the PSP, many of you might like to know how well it works. We tested it and our verdict is that it works really well. To use it, you need to install the PSP 3.90 update and you need a microphone. In my case, I used a plain Sony headset (see photos). Don’t forget to plug the headset into the PSP audio remote, it is required.

Upon entering your login/password, you will find Skype’s familiar environment, with your contacts. Simply choose one, place a call and voila. The sound quality is excellent. I tried to call a couple of people and it worked flawlessly – they were even surprised to know that I was talking on Skype for PSP (they found it increadibly cool too), as if they expected a mobile device to sound noticeably worse (than a PC).

It just works and it sounds great. The user interface is speedy, just like the regular PSP menus, no problem there.

It is not perfect yet. One potential annoyance is that it takes about one minute from when you click on the Skype icon, until you can place a call. For some reason the Skype accesses the memory stick like crazy sometimes. It’s hard to believe that it does not fit in memory… The second thing is that you have to connect the headset/microphone to the PSP audio remote. That means more cable and it’s something that is not welcome for a mobile device. See it for yourself in the photo gallery.

Conclusion: this is an excellent version of Skype.

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