Zeno Pro Acne Clearing Device

Zits are the bane and nightmare of every teenager – especially those who are out to impress the opposite sex. The Zeno Pro Acne Clearing Device holds the honor of being the first FDA-approved home gadget that removes acne, although I’m not too sure just how effective it is. Apparently, it uses a heated tip that is applied to a pimple, where the heat itself will shock away bacteria that causes acne. Using it at two to three 2.5 minute treatment intervals spread over 24 hours, the manufacturers claim that most pimples will then disappear. Not too sure if the $184.95 is worth the trial, but if you’ve tried everything else with little or no success, this could be your last chance saloon. In the meantime, do remember to eat more greens, drink more water and get enough rest. I wonder whether placing a hot, damp cloth on my face will have the same effect – after all “heat” seems to be the keyword here.

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