Pandigital Reveals Kitchen HDTV

Homemakers deserve to get the very best in their lives when performing their duties, and Pandigital’s Kitchen HDTV will definitely bring a smile to anyone’s face. This 15″ wonder not only functions as an entertainment unit, it is also a large digital photo frame to view photos of the family while preparing dinner, and doubles up as a Digital Cookbook as well, going through recipes as you cook without having to turn any pages. I just wonder about the oil and grime that will accumulate on this Pandigital HDTV after a while though, especially in kitchens where the use of oil is very liberal. Guess Windex will be a regular companion here. Features include :-

  • 15″ 1,280 x 720 resolution display
  • Supports ATSC and NTSC video
  • Composite, S-Video, YPbPr, and HDMI input
  • 512MB of internal memory

The Pandigital Kitchen HDTV/Digital Cookbook/Digital Photo Frame is targeting a June release date for $399.99.

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