Sofaside PC

The Sofaside PC would definitely wow anyone who lays their eyes on it, as this could usher in a new era of Home Theater PC set ups in your living room. An entire high performance PC rig has been integrated into a custom furniture end-table enclosure, and it comes complete with folding doors and slide out tray accessibility that couch potatoes everywhere will appreciate. According to the creator Oakman 1000, this is what he has to say :-


After much, MUCH experimentation I came up with my concept. I came up with novel ways of keeping it cool, quite yet still stylish. It does away with a lot of techno clutter. The cable boxes are inside with the computer so no ugly rats nest of cables. It replaces my DVD, CD, games console, Radio, VCR, etc. and looks great while doing so. My CD and DVD collection has been consigned to the basement. More clutter gone. It’s very ‘wife friendly’ and now pretty much my whole home entertainment system is in a very small 21” square footprint. It looks like an unobtrusive yet cool little end table. What I now have is a computer with a quad core, 4tb’s of storage, two gigs of ram and an Nvidea gforce 8800gts in my living room that looks great and is virtually silent. Media streaming such as movies can be found easily and then dragged and dropped to my plasma TV, and it all plays through my surround sound system. It’s awesome for games! I can surf the internet by rolling my wireless mouse around on my sofa and type away happily with my keyboard on my lap, all while watching recorded TV on the big screen.

Too bad this is but a custom job. Can’t wait for companies to take up this idea on a large scale.

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