USB Desktop Greenhouse

We all know that looking after a little bit of green is good for the eyes (and soul), since it does help soothe the soul especially in a highly stressed office environment. The USB Desktop Greenhouse brings some green to your messy desk, but if you’ve got a phobia of killing plants due to a missing green thumb, there is always the Flower Nurse to help you overcome those fears.

Brighten up your dull desk with this USB plug in contraption. This product provides the maximum conditions for your plant to grow, to adorn your desk with natural beauty in no time! It contains marigold seeds for you to plant, but plant whatever you want – the seeds of your favorite flower? It also comes with fake soil, an adjustable light and removable tray, and you can monitor its progress on your PC. You can’t fail to grow a beautiful healthy plant as it even tells you when it needs watering! The ultimate desktop pick-you-up, and an enjoyable, relaxing distraction from all your hard work!

The USB Desktop Greenhouse will retail for £29.99, which is roughly the equivalent of a gazillion US dollars today.

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