PSP Phone Specifications

The PSP phone idea has been thrown around for quite a while now, but according to this piece of scanned white paper you see on the right, it shows just what a device would carry. Click on it for the larger image, unless you’ve got vision as good as Superman to read everything in fine print. Among the specifications listed include :-

  • 4.3″ 16:9 widescreen TFT LCD display at 480 x 272 pixels and 16.77 million colors
  • 2 megapixel camera
  • Built-in web browser
  • Built-in podcasting
  • Flight mode
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Memory Stick Micro/microSD memory card slot
  • Streaming audio/video
  • Video calling
  • Speakerphone
  • Alarm clock, calculator, calendar, other PIM functions

It would be interesting to see whether such a device will be able to live up to the 5 hour game time claim. This could be possible if it doesn’t use UMDs, but should Sony decide to make it backwards compatible with the media, game time will be severely shortened if you happen to turn on the cell phone functionality simultaneously. How much are you willing to fork out for such a dream device?

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