Use the iPhone 3G as a 3G+ modem

There’s a tutorial about tethering the iPhone 3G to a laptop. Before you start to implement it, remember that this might be against your use license agreement with AT&T, which could add charges, cancel your account and potentially do many more painful things in retaliation – or they may do nothing at all, we just don’t know. Here’s the overview on how to proceed:

  • Jailbreak your iPhone 3G
  • Install 3Proxy and Terminal
  • Create an ad-hoc Wi-fi network using your laptop
  • Join the network with your iPhone
  • Find the iPhone’s IP address
  • Open Terminal and run the proxy program
  • Open Safari on your iPhone and open a web page
  • Configure your browser to use the proxy

Visit to get the full step-by-step instructions. and of course, test the speeds on DSLreport for mobiles and let us know how fast it is!

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