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80s Cell Phone Case for iPhone
Before you think you stumbled upon a super old cached copy of our website, don’t worry because you haven’t! The picture to your right is actually a casing for your iPhone by Urban Outfitters.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread crammed into the iPhone 3G
There are many devices out there eagerly waiting to get Google’s Android 2.3 Gingerbread update, but Apple’s iPhone 3G most likely isn’t the device that you’d expect to get the update. Of course, the update wasn’t given Google’s or Apple’s blessings but some hackers out there used the OpeniBoot software to get the latest version of Android on the phone. The use of OpeniBoot means that users can choose to […]

iPhone Tethering Disappears From iPhone 3G After iOS 4.2 Update?
Apple’s latest iOS update isn’t even a week old and there is another complaint about it. Reports are in that iPhone 3G owners over in Europe who officially unlocked the phone to migrate to another carrier that Apple has not partnered with are experiencing issues where the Internet Tethering option on the phone has disappeared. This is especially irritating if you often rely on your iPhone to tether when you’re […]

Apple Releases iOS 4.2 Update, Find My iPhone Is Now Free
You’ve been waiting for it, and now it’s finally here. We’re talking about the iOS 4.2 update for the iPad, iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G and iPod touch, giving all those devices the latest version of Apple’s iOS software. iPad users will particularly be happy about this news as they will finally be able to enjoy multitasking on the iPad. iPhone 3G users should also have cause to celebrate as the […]


iOS 4.1 Game Center Ported To Jailbroken iPhone 3G
One of the major downsides of the iPhone 3G at the moment is that you aren’t able to (officially) run the Game Center available on iOS 4.1. Of course, the limitations don’t always apply if you’re part of the jailbreaking community and the folks out there have managed to get the Game Center running on the iPhone 3G that has been jailbroken by the RedSn0w 0.9.6 jailbreak for iOS 4.1. […]

Jailbreak iOS 4.0.2 using Redsn0w on iPhone 3G, iPod touch 2G
Remember the iOS 4.0.2 from Apple that will be used to patch the PDF exploit known as JailbreakMe? Well, if you happen to have an iPhone 3G or iPod touch 2G lying around, it can be jailbroken using the current version of Redsn0w – all the explicit details are explained in the guide here, but bear in mind that this is just for testing and educational purposes only since you […]

Video: Activate iPhone 4/3GS/3G Without Original SIM
Sherif Hashim, the person who managed to unlock the baseband on iPhones running iOS 4 has come up with a video to show users how to activate their iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS without using the original SIM card. You’ll still need to manually trim your SIM card down to the micro-SIM size before you’re able to complete the process, but if you were having trouble getting the job done, you […]

Apple Online Store Stops Offering The 8GB iPhone 3G?
Looks like the end is nigh for the iPhone 3G. With Walmart lowering the price of the iPhone 3GS, what do you think is the fate of the humble iPhone 3G? If you’ve been shopping around the Apple online store today, you may have noticed that the button to select the 8GB iPhone 3G has disappeared from the Apple store. Usually if an item is out of stock at the […]

Android port for iPhone 3G is now out
Want to be a heretic in the Apple camp? Why not download the Android port for the iPhone 3G? It is now available for download, letting you do more or less everything an Android handset is capable of, although it is not recommended for day-to-day regular use. Bear in mind that the power management functions of Android for iPhone 3G have yet to be implemented, so a fully charged battery […]

Unconfirmed: Is A Fully White iPhone 4G On Its Way?
Pretty much everybody has seen the pictures of the upcoming iPhone 4G, but did anybody pause to consider the possibility of color options? While it’s hard to determine the authenticity of this, but pictures of what looks to be a white front cover of the iPhone 4G have surfaced. Sure, we’ve seen the white color iPhone 3G/3GS before, but that was only on the back cover, if this leak is […]

Dexim DCA199 Foldable Solar-Powered P-Flip for the iPhone 3G and 3GS
Love going green? If you haven’t yet picked up a solar-powered charger, then now might be the right time to do so with the Dexim DCA199 Foldable Solar-Powered P-Flip for the iPhone 3G and 3GS. This device supposedly offers an extended talktime of up to 8 hours as well as video playback or gaming time being stretched by another 15 hours, thanks to the 2,000mAh lithium-polymer battery within which can […]

Multitasking Possible For iPhone 2G and 3G In iPhone OS 4.0?
While many folks are undoubtedly looking forward to the release of the iPhone 4.0 OS, iPhone 2G and 3G users will probably be feeling a little left out, since Apple has said that multitasking will not be available on those 2 versions. Fortunately for owners of older iPhones, community help is abundant, and word is going around that some hackers have managed to enable multitasking on the older iPhone 2G […]

AT&T Finally Allows 3G Streaming For SlingPlayer On iPhone
The lack of 3G streaming on SlingPlayer for the iPhone was a painful affair to many users, and it probably was just confirmation to many that AT&T was having more than a little trouble handling the load of data brought upon it by the iPhone. But now that VoIP is not taboo on the iPhone anymore, AT&T seems to have given into SlingPlayer’s demands, and said that it has been […]

Apple Files Patent On LED Backlight Technique
Apple certainly is putting a lot of thought into display technology, and if the company continues to come up with interesting products like the iPhone and iPad, having a great display will certainly be essential. The latest patent is titled “LED Backlight Driver Synchronization and Power Reduction”, which was filed just a short while after Apple unveiled its LED-backlit iPad. Apple’s patent looks to use a plurality of LED strings, […]

Bandshell case for the iPhone 3G and 3GS
[CES 2010] Bandshell jumps into the lucrative iPhone 3G and 3GS case market with its latest fashionable case that will transform whenever the patent-pending sound door glides from the back. The use of its curves supposedly enhances the acoustics of the iPhone’s internal speaker, similar to how a well-designed bandshell or concert hall helps magnify the sound of live music. The flat side of the Bandshell allows the iPHone to […]

AirStash offers wireless storage for your iPhone
Those who are content with their 32GB iPhone 3GS, good – but there are still many out there with the much older 8GB iPhones from the first generation, and to increase the amount of storage space without buying a new handset? That is made possible with the USB-powered AirStash, where it can not only hook up to the iPhone wirelessly but with other handsets as well. No idea on how […]

Is An 8GB iPhone 3GS Coming?
Could Apple be offering an 8GB iPhone 3GS sometime soon? While there hasn’t been any official word on such a model, a German shopper has recently reported that when he purchased a refurbished 8GB iPhone 3G, he received the phone will and good, but the label on the back indicated an “iPhone 3GS v2.2 8GB”. The model (A1231) and part number (MB490DN/A) indicate the older model correctly, but the “iPhone […]

French get cheaper iPhones
The French have it good as they are going to get cheaper iPhones due to Orange’s iPhone exclusivity being brought to an end ealier this year. Word has it that Orange will reduce the price of its 16GB iPhone 3GS to a mere €59 from €149, while the iPhone 3G 8GB is going at a basement price of €19. Folks who want to pick up the iPhone 3GS 32GB will […]

App Store Takes Off In China
While most people would think that the lack of Wi-Fi, coupled with sales of “only” 5,000 iPhones at launch would be disappointing, it seems that the App Store is doing rather well in China, despite all the hurdles that it’ll have to clear. Let’s not forget that the current official iPhone in China only sports 3G internet and users who want to purchase stuff from the App Store will need […]

iPhone Sayn Design
As if the iPhone isn’t expensive enough in selected countries, Sayn Design has come up with their intepretation of Apple’s best selling (and only) handset to date. This redesign won’t see the iPhone 3G S hit the market, but will instead use the iPhone 3G, although it comes in a limited Diamond deluxe Gold Edition which is luxuriously wrapped in 24k gold alongside an integrated 18k Gold Sayn Design crown. […]