Ymup Backpack Generates Oxygen

What you see on the right is just for illustrative purposes and is not the real thing, but Ymup from Japan has managed to come up with a backpack that contains a battery-powered oxygen generator. This portable device even comes with a remote control and is touted to be the first of its kind in the world. As most people are aware, the higher you climb, the thinner air gets and that’s exactly where this oxygen generator comes in, making it perfect for forlks who love mountain trekking and hiking. The oxygen comes with 30% concentration and is inhaled via a nozzle, while the battery lasts up to 2 hours. Would be nice to see a solar panel attached to this thing to keep the battery going. Ymup has plans to release this backpack in three differet models at the end of this month, with a price range that falls between $880 and $1,150.


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