Archos 5 is an Internet Media Tablet

Archos is entering the Mobile Internet Device (MID) market with the Archos 5. The company is best known for its portable media players (PMP), but it shows that it can adapt itself to changing consumer demands by providing a persistent internet connectivity. Someone that that I know said: “the computer is the display”, and it’s very true with the Archos 5 five-inch touch screen display: a width of 800 pixels wide should allow a closer -to-desktop (I hate to use “true”) web experience not found on mobile phones. Of course that’s only useful if there’s a 3G connection. Well, a 3.5G one to be precise. The integrated web browser is Flash-compatible (Youtube…) and we hope that it is Ajax-compatible too, but we don’t know for sure. The user interface design is unknown too, but we’ll look into it. Specifications and pricing in the full post.

For a larger version look at the photo gallery

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