Hands-on with the HTC Touch Pro

There’s nothing like a hands-on to get a good feel for a device. You might have seen the HTC touch pro in product photos and I’ll tell you what, it looks nice there and in the real world, but our photo gallery shows you what it will likely look like when it comes out of your pocket. It’s impossible not to be amazed by the display, although it’s not the highest resolution one out there. It feels good in the hand and is smaller than most people would think when they see the product photo. HTC did a good job with the industrial design, but also with the software customization that sit on top of Windows Mobile, making it more finger-friendly. The only weak point that I find is the QWERTY keyboard. The keys don’t provide a good feel when you type (this is my personal opinion, obviously), they felt a little “mushy”. Other than that, it’s an impressive device with all the features that one can possibly cram into such a small space. Search HTC Touch Pro stories. You might be interested by the HTC S740 too.

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