The live blogging on this post is now over. Thanks for following it. This post was done LIVE from DEMOFall08. The earliest paragraphs are at the top, and the older ones towards the bottom.

[9:22 am]

Presentation of Telnic – read our coverage of .tel, the white pages killer?

[9:17 am] delivers all types of alerts and reminders to consumers. Now they have over 30 different alerts available from the website. On the website, users can create their own personalized page with all their alerts either in widgets form or display them as a list. The monetization is based on contextual ad banners, based on the information that knows about the user.

[9:10 am] Fusion-Io

HP and IBM use the Io-Drive announced last year at DEMOFall 07. It claims to be the fastest flash SSD system out there. Io-SAN is the new Fusion-Io product that work in conjunction with the Io-Drive to deliver more performance from your storage architecture. The presentation doesn’t tell us how it is working, technically, so we need to get back to this later when we will be able to with their engineer. Fusion-Io site

[9:04am] Tikitag

Using NFC Mobile or PC RFID readersTikitag allows users to get information from a Tikitag tagged business cards or tagged concert posters in the street. The tikitag reader wil be available for around $50, beta starts October 1st. Tikitag’s website

[8:56am] Plastic Logic: the E-book for Business

Plastic Logic is the only company able to build a thin e-reading device because it is based on a plastic technology developed over 10 years of research, others manufacturers use TFT glass. It allows the thin and light form factors. Users can access a digital keyboard and mark up items using a stylus. Read our coverage of this company


Adapx: From Ink to Excel with the Capturx pen, read our article.

[8:30am] Chris Shipley opening remarks.

The Web 2.0 cycle is over and did not generate a lot wealth, the lack of transparency, the inconvenience of the access…The next phase of the Web will be the Distributed Web… we going into a phase where the distribution replace the aggregation and where transparency will play a major role. We are embarking on a new cycle supported by real business model. Over the next 2 days we will see innovations in usability, computing, green technology etc…

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