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DEMO Fall 2013, Oct. 15-17 Silicon Valley
Apply to Launch – Now with 25% off: to Launch at DEMO Fall 2013 Erick Schonfeld, DEMO Executive Producer and the DEMO launch evaluation team are hosting a series of DEMO Days for pre-launch products where founders get private feedback on their product and pitch.Go to to check out tour dates and/or complete an application form. Limited scholarships available for launch companies. Scholarship Deadline – August 23. Standard […]

Gran Turismo 6 Demo Out This July 2
Gran Turismo 6 demo is set to roll out later this July 2nd.

Activision Shows Next-Gen Tech At GDC With Impressive Visuals
The next-generation of video game consoles will usher in some amazing visuals, which we already caught a glimpse of during Sony’s PlayStation 4 unveiling. Activision’s R&D department took center stage yesterday during the company’s GDC panel called “next-generation character rendering,” which after you see their tech demo, will have you wondering if it’s creepy or super awesome.The real-time character demo is a 2-minute long video that highlights a number of amazing […]

The Last Of Us Demo Coming May 31
Now that The Last of Us’ release date has been pushed back to June 14, the demo Sony promised would be available early to God of War: Ascension owners is needed now more than ever. God of War: Ascension has officially been released today, and we’re sure a good majority of you are wondering when you could access the demo for The Last of Us.Naughty Dog revealed the date when the […]


Gears Of War: Judgment Multiplayer Overrun Demo Releasing March 19
The next chapter in the Gears of War franchise is getting ready to be released on March 19, which means many of you have probably pre-ordered the game already or are planning to in the coming weeks.If you’re considering your pre-order options and want to gain early access to Gears of War: Judgment’s multiplayer demo, then it looks like you’ll need to head to GameStop as the demo will be made […]

DEMO Fall 2012 - Only Two Weeks Left To Buy Tickets
Truly disruptive technology is hard to discover, but it is alive and thriving!It’s living and breathing all around you. It’s working overtime to make your life faster. Easier. Better. It’s helping you to achieve more. Do more. Enjoy more. And it’s waiting for investors and buyers like you to bring it to life.– Technology like Intuitive Motion’s Zboard, that’s the world’s first weight-sensing electronic skateboard which could be the next […]

DEMO Spring 2012: New tech innovations take the stage
DEMO Spring 2012 conference returns to the Hyatt Regency Silicon Valley, April 17-19 and features new technology launches ranging from concept to market-ready. Come to DEMO and See it Live!Register now for DEMO Spring 2012 and get 25% off the published registration rate. Limited time offer – so register now.What is DEMO? DEMO is the launchpad for emerging technology and trends. A hand-selected group of new products are introduced to […]

OLogic A.M.P. Robot Controlled by a Smartphone
[DEMO Fall 2011] OLogic is launching the Automated Music Personality (A.M.P.), a two-wheeled, self balancing “robotic” music player that can be operated using a Smartphone (only android for now). The company will be able to ship it for $400 or less, which is an incredible low price for a self-balancing robot.Self-funded to-date via consulting revenue, OLogic is looking for funding to help build efficient distribution channels and bring the A.M.P. […]

VIPodium: Augmented Reality Fitting Room
[DEMO Fall 2011] There have been quite a number of augmented reality-based virtual fitting room applications lately, and I have covered a couple of them at DEMO in the past.VIPodium relies on Kinnect or related technology ASUS WAVI Xtion to enable an AR fitting room which allows users to virtually try-on clothes. Unlike the two solutions I saw at DEMO last time, it is possible to get a 360 view […]

World Virtual Cemetery: i-Tomb and i-Memorial
[DEMO Fall 2011] I-Postmortem Limited, a startup based in Palo Alto, today launched two online services at DEMO – and , two complementary elements of the “The World Virtual Cemetery” is the Virtual World Cemetery, basically each user get her/his virtual I-Tomb where friends and family can create virtual memorials made of photos, videos, texts, music and documents. The site does not sell virtual goods and Jacques Mechelany, […]

HookFlash: Video Conferencing Meets Business Communications in the iPad
 [DEMO Fall 2011] Hookflash is an application for the iPad that combines group video conferencing and group messaging with features specific to corporate phone systems. Trent Johnsen, Hookflash co-founder and CEO promises that ”millions of iPad users will immediately have access to the powerful communication capabilities previously limited to expensive corporate telephone and video conferencing systems.”

DEMO - The solid choice for non-stop innovation
DEMO Fall 2011, Sept. 12-14 in Silicon Valley is the place to see more untapped innovators, from concept to readers, register now and take 25% off the registration rate, for the launch event designed for serious investors seeking credible startups.New this year, DEMO will bring bootstrapped startups to the launch stage, including angel-funded companies, women entrepreneurs, college students and innovators serving the 50-plus market. They’re game-changing enough to qualify […]

ShowUhow: Video Product Guides
[DEMO Spring 2011] ShowUhow is a very interesting application that has been around for some times, offering a series of on-demand, video-based product guides, distributed via Smartphone, web, and social media. At DEMO, ShowUhow launched its QR code feature for its iPhone application, allowing consumers to scan a product’s QR code directly on the package to access the series of guides and “how to” from their ShowUhow iPhone application. It […]

Webcam Social Shopper: Augmented Reality Dressing Room
[DEMO Spring 2011] Webcam Social Shopper by Zugara is the second product launched at DEMO featuring a virtual fitting room using augmented reality, and this one won a DEMOgod Award. However, like many people I talked to at the conference, I think Swivel has a better rendering, offers more accessories choices and a better accuracy when it comes to fit a piece of clothing on the body. The added value […]

NeuroSky MindWave Brings Brain-Computer Interface to Education
[DEMO Spring 2011] We know Neurosky for its EGG “brainwave controller” and the various products that use its Brain Computer Interface technology such as MindFlex by Mattel. At DEMO this week, the company launched its new education platform MindWave. Basically, the application shown at DEMO was measuring my level of attention during a math exercise with the MindWave headset equipped with a frontal sensor, and it was pretty accurate.We can […]

Swivel: Virtual Dressing Room
[DEMO Spring 2011] Swivel is an augmented reality app that uses either a regular webcam or Kinect to allow people to try on clothes virtually. Another company unveiled a similar solution at DEMO: Webcam Social Shopper by Zugara. Since Kinect launched a few months ago, I was envisioning this kind of product that can help boost sales in fashion e-commerce. Swivel is fun to use although the graphic result is […]

Divide by Enterproid: Separates Personal and Business Data in Your Phone
[DEMO 2011] We all know that the boundary between enterprise and consumer applications is blurring, thanks to the rise of web 2.0 tools that people adopted for personal usage and now, they really want to access these tools  in their professional environment as well. The challenge is to get IT compliance, most of the time companies’ security policies prevent people from accessing the applications they are familiar with. Divide, the […]

AboutOne: Family and Household Management Application
[DEMO 2011] allows busy people to manage their family activities, memories and finances under one roof. The press release states that AboutOne si geared towards moms but I can imagine dads could use it, just like moms, they have a family to take care of as well … From the home page (picture above, you can access several sections: address book, family, education, health and homes. The family section […]

DEMO 2011, the best startups are presenting now
It’s that time of the year again: startups are back at DEMO, a historically premier event to launch the best product and companies. We’re covering it LIVE right now from Palm Springs, so if you want to have a quick look at who’s on stage now, check you’re not familiar with DEMO, here’s a small sample of what was launched there in the past: E*Trade, Palm,, WMWare, Salesforce, […]

ecoATM: Recycle your Gadgets and Get Cash
[DEMO Spring 2011] We have published about ecoATM back in 2009, and today, the company is unveiling its next generation, fully automated eCycling Station featuring a built-in cash dispenser like an ATM. Giving financial incentive to make people recycle is the smartest business model for sure, ecoATM trial locations have already recycled tens of thousands of devices devices over the past year and paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars […]