The next-generation of video game consoles will usher in some amazing visuals, which we already caught a glimpse of during Sony’s PlayStation 4 unveiling. Activision’s R&D department took center stage yesterday during the company’s GDC panel called “next-generation character rendering,” which after you see their tech demo, will have you wondering if it’s creepy or super awesome.

The real-time character demo is a 2-minute long video that highlights a number of amazing improvements in regards to a character’s facial gestures. The demo, which is all running in real-time, captures the actor’s face, eye movements, skin imperfections and nearly every emotion the actor could think of.

The source material of the demo comes from the USC Institute of Creative Technologies, which NVIDIA also used in its tech demo earlier this month. Admittedly, we think Activision did an amazing job with the source material to give a glimpse into what we hope the company plans to include in its upcoming titles. We can’t even begin to imagine how highly-detailed a next-generation Call of Duty title would look using this technology. Maybe we’ll finally be able to see the pain in a character’s eyes as we pull the trigger to end their life.

What? Too gruesome?

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