Tamagotchi Now Comes In Color

The Tamagotchi craze was certainly out of this world in the 1990s, and this time round the electronic pet toy is making a comeback, dropping its black-and-white color scheme for a new color LCD display with updated digital content to keep up with the times. Known as Tamagotchi Plus Color, this new toy is tipped for a November 23 release – it will be interesting whether a dozen years onwards, this new release is able to move 75 million Tamagotchi Plus Colors – that’s the number to beat anyway when compared to its predecessor’s track record. With color featured, the 1.52″ LCD display lets your Tamagotchi get dirty, reflected via its color while changes in weather is also another interesting point to note. You can choose from white, black, pink, magenta, orange, green and blue colors, and the Tamagotchi Plus Color will retail for approximately $48 when available. You getting one?

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