Minoru Stereo 3D Webcam is Anthropomorphic

Creating 3D stereo images with two webcams is not a new concept. There are plenty of experiments and software available. What was missing is someone bold (or crazy) enough to come up with a design that encapsulate two cameras. Thanks to falling prices of low-resolution cameras, the Minoru 3D is exactly that. The software will encode the two images (left eye, right eye) so that you can see a 3d effect, when using cheap red/blue glasses. Apparently, the job is done in the camera’s driver and that makes the process totally transparent for IM/Video clients. The creators also point out that it is “anthropomorphic”, meaning that it looks like a little dude, so you will look at it “in the eyes”. Obviously, you can disable the stereo mode. To be released in December, for less than $100.

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