New Macbook Pro Announced! Two NVIDIA GPUs, large glass touchpad are the star of the show

There you go, now it’s official. The new Macbook has been announced and many of the rumors have turned out to be true. It features an LED backlit display, an NVIDIA chipset with an integrated GPU, a Mini-Display graphics connector that can drive a 30-inch display (2560×1600).

The Macbook Pro also has a discrete GPU (9600GT) and you can choose the Integrated GeForce 9400 to save power (5 hours) or the 9600GT to get the maximum performance (4 hours battery). If software allows, both GPUs could also work simultaneously (physics + graphics). This might be a future update. The Macbook pro is shipping today starting from $2000.

New construction technique (unibody enclosure)
0.95″ thick – Starting from an aluminum “Brick” that weighs 2.5 lbs, only 0.5 lbs is left when all the carving and punching is done. It has a stronger, more rigid, internal frame (derived from the Macbook Air design).

NVIDIA Chipset
A single chip that controls the motherboard and integrates a GeForce Series 9 graphics processor (GPU). The GPU has 16 cores and is about 5x faster than its Intel Integrated counterpart. (a high-end GPU has 256 cores). MultiTouch Glass Trackpad 39% larger tracking area. It also has programmable software buttons only, which means that you can have as many buttons as software developers (or Apple) want. It will also accept 4-finger gestures .


  • FW800
  • Two USB
  • Gb Ethernet
  • Magsafe (power)
  • Audio I/O (Digital + Analog)

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