Sony PRS-700 Announced

Sony’s PRS-700 Digital Book Reader has just been announced, and some of the improvements over its predecessor include a touch screen display for a more intuitive reading experience. No larger than a paperback book, the PRS-700 tips the scales at just 10 ounces and would make for a great classroom tool in order to relieve our young from carrying tons of tomes around school and campus. The 6″ display lets you flip pages simply by sliding your finger across, although multi-touch function is not supported. You can also highlight important segments of text with the included stylus, while notes can be composed on the spot thanks to the virtual keyboard. In order to cater to as many people as possible, the PRS-700 comes with five pre-set text sizes for you to peruse your e-book. Extremely readable even under direct sunlight, the PRS-700 even has a built-in LED reading light just in case ambient light isn’t enough. The PRS-700 will be able to last for up to 7,500 page flips before requiring a recharge. It will hit the market sometime next month for $400.

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