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I have been a Yoono user for a while and I was waiting for this new version. Yoono is a Social Aggregator integrated as a side bar in the browser that I use mainly to update my status in various Social Networking Websites, get instant twitter alerts, listen to random music and all this while I am browsing the web. I tried Twhirl which is very convenient to update Twitter and view Twits, but I had to uninstall Adobe Air from my Mac because it was causing too many conflicts with other applications. Yoono has much more features like chat across a wide number of IM clients, instant media sharing via IM, web discovery and content recommendation based on behavior, blogging, and more…Yoono previous version for the Mac was requering too much of the processor resources and other UI issues needed to be fixed as well. The new version is lighter, according to the Yoono engineering team, and has new features:

  • Shopping Widget
    It generates product recommendations by analyzing keywords from the user browsing patterns. Users can purchase items from,, eBay and Shopzilla directly from the Yoono bar. The shopping widget will be available on Nov 24th.
  • Supports Internet Explorer (finally)
  • Social Networks and Social Music
    Now users can access their MySpae profile from the Yoono bar and listen to their music from the integrated Imeem widget.
  • Interface color customization
    Users can select from 4 different colors for the Yoono bar interface.

Note: I could not test it, I only had a demo.

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