Intel Launches Home Health Care Device

Intel has just rolled out a home health care device which enables patients to take charge of themselves by helping to manage chronic conditions while keeping them connected to their doctors. Known as the Intel Health Guide PHS6000, this somewhat resembles a small desktop computer, and it goes about collecting patient data including blood pressure, weight and blood-glucose levels. You will be able to hook up a myriad of medical devices to the PHS6000, including blood-pressure-measuring devices, weight scales, a spirometer, a pulse oximeter and blood-glucose monitors. It mainly targets elderly patients, and allows doctors to provide on-the-spot advice via a video conference call over a secured wired-broadband connection. This will definitely help reduce the total number of patient visits to a hospital, not to mention helping cut down on greenhouse emissions. Other features of the Intel Health Guide PHS6000 include :-

  • 10.4″ touch screen display
  • Intel Core processor
  • 40GB hard drive
  • Integrated webcam
  • Four USB 2.0 ports
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Built-in speaker

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