iPhone 3G And Storm Browser Speed Test

Since the BlackBerry Storm is supposedly one of the candidates lined up to knock the iPhone 3G out of the ring, it only makes perfect sense to compare the two. This time round we’ll take a look at the speed between browsers on both devices, and rest assured, the results are not rigged but are an actual reflection of real world usage. Below are some of the results :-

  • NYTimes.com – iPhone 3G wins, Storm does not bad… but definitely chokes on the Javascript a bit
  • WSJ.com – BlackBerry Storm wins, iPhone 3G loads slower then crashes
  • CrackBerry.com – BlackBerry Storm wins, iPhone 3G loads slower then crashes
  • ArsTechnica – BlackBerry Storm wins
  • Conclusions: It’s hard to conclude much in 20 minutes

It seems that under the default settings, the BlackBerry Storm browser is a wee bit quicker than the iPhone 3G, but under identical settings, Apple’s wonder device wins out, albeit slightly.

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