Brain Machine Is A Hoot

You’ll definitely need some grey matter to figure out the Brain Machine by Mitch Altman. Check out the numbered parts taken verbatim below.

1. Brain entrains to the programmed wave sequence, and alters its state accordingly.
2. Battery pack powers the electronics.
3. LEDs in front of user’s (closed) eyes pulse light at 2. 2, 6.0, 11. 1, or 14.4Hz, in order to elicit delta, theta, alpha, or beta waves, respectively.
4. Headphone speakers play different tones into right and left ears, to produce binaural beats (see below) that match the LED pulse frequencies.
5. Microcontroller on circuit board runs the firmware, the program that resides in the microcontroller, which controls the LEDs and headphones.
6. Serial port connector writes the firmware into the microcontroller, letting you program your own brain wave frequency sequences.
7. Graphics simply look cool.

We wonder whether wearing this will be come addictive – it might screw around with the mind just like magic mushrooms, but at least it won’t upset your body biologically.

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