Fuji EnviroMAX Digital Alkaline Battery

Guess battery companies are finally waking up to the fact that disposables of yore aren’t the way of the future, especially where the environment is concerned. Since that realization, rechargeable batteries have been released but those have not really caught on with the masses since disposable batteries are much more convenient, and you don’t need to bother with charging them to maximum power once they’re exhausted. Well, the Fuji EnviroMAX digital alkaline battery might not be rechargeable, but this is a disposable battery with a green conscience. After all, it does not contain any cadmium, mercury and PVC, and is packaged with recycled materials to minimize its carbon footprint. Not only that, Fuji claims the EnviroMAX digital alkaline battery is on par or exceeds most competitive alkaline batteries in its class – hopefully what they claim is true. This could be huge, assuming the price and battery performance lives up to the public’s expectations. I’m currently running on Sanyo Eneloops for my devices – how about you?


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