Laser Toothbrush Zaps Those Germs

Brushing can be quite the chore, and it is a habit that needs to be instilled in little ones right from the beginning if they’re going to practise it correctly for the rest of their lives. We’re all familiar with the drill – up, down, up, down and not left, right, left, right when it comes to the front teeth, along with various other methods for our molars. The Laser Toothbrush could soon lay all of that to rest, using an energy concentration that won’t harm tissue surface despite being able to keep your teeth clean from tartar build ups and other nasties. You won’t be needing any toothpaste with this since it will radiate laser light on teeth directly. Supposed features include a decrease in sensitivity, toothache pain, inflammation and even helps eliminate bad breath. Do you think this $69.95 gizmo is all hyped up to be, or is it a scam? Surely the laser won’t be able to burn through bits of food stuck between your teeth…


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