Phylla Electric Car From Fiat

Fiat shows off its latest electric car known as the Phylla that ought to make environmentalists happy. It tips the scales at just 750kg, where 20% of it consists of the battery pack itself. The 2+2 Phylla is able to run for up to 145km from its lithium-ion battery pack, while its lithium polymer unit is able to make it run for up to 220km before requiring a trip to the nearest power outlet. It takes six seconds to go from 0 to 30mph, while it has a top speed of 80mph or so. Recharge time is said to take between 3 to 4 hours, and most of its body work is covered in solar panels that are able to generate up to 340W. There is no word on whether the Phylla will be mass manufactured though, but it will definitely solve your intra-city transport woes when it comes to lowering one’s dependency of fuel.

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