Floppy CD-R Disc

We all know that floppies have gone the way of the dodo for quite some time already, and so have CD-Rs. What happens when someone is stuck with nostalgia for old stuff? Well, that results in the Floppy CD-R disc, of course. They look like a standard 3.5″ floppy, but turn the square body upside down and you’ll see the shiny bottom of a CD-R. Cutting out its corners would mean it won’t be able to hold the standard CD-R amount, maxing out at just 200MB, but at least that is 138 times superior to the original floppy. The $10 price tag attached to it won’t bring a smile to any face, but at least it functions as a decent conversation starter. A 4-pack will cost you $28, translating to a savings of $12 when you purchase them individually. What next, a CD-R that comes in a USB flash drive design?


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