Invisibility Cloak Gets Closer

Researchers at Duke University have come up with a new type of material that supposedly “cloaks” an item from detection by microwaves, and this time round the total number of wavelengths it can block has been expanded. The project has already proven successful since 2006 where the metamaterials developed were able to deflect microwaves around a 3D object, but advances in technology have made it more into a mirage where heat will cause the bending of light rays to fool whoever is looking at it. The new device is constructed from over 10,000 separate pieces of fiberglass arranged in parallel rows, where mathematics come into play to determine both the shape and placement of each piece in order to deflect the electromagnetic waves. It won’t hold a candle up to wearing the One Ring or using Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak though, but it is a start. Something tells us the military will be one of the first few parties to dip their fingers in such sweet technology. Image from Screenrant.


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