Kana-Micro Digital Audio Player

Green-House has yet another digital audio player for the masses, and this time round their Kana-Micro is positioned to be easily lost so that they make money on replacements. We kid you, certainly no company on earth would wish such an event upon their customers, right? Still, that makes us wonder why Green-House has resorted to churning out a 55.4mm x 20mm x 10.5mm digital audio player that tips the scales at a mere 10 grams, making it extremely easy to misplace. Well, at least it comes in seven colors that makes your task of identifying it in the midst of clutter much easier instead of the default transparent model. The Kana Micro is equipped with a 2GB microSD memory card and supports MP3, WMA and WMA DRM file formats. The battery life is a major disappointment though at 2 hours – why don’t they learn from Apple and how Cupertino optimized the Shuffle’s battery life?


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